“I worked with Shawn for 6 months and through his thoughtful questions and exercises I was able to hone in on what truly mattered to me in a career. Shawn has a fresh perspective and helped me determine some of my natural skills and interests that I would have otherwise forgotten about. I would recommend him to anyone!”

“I have been a client of Shawn's for over 3 years through in person and phone sessions. He worked with me through a couple professional transitions, in managing staff, and in starting my own business. Shawn is able to see the big picture of what is going on within your business and in people's professional roles. His non-judgmental approach, thought provoking questions and patience in working with me to find the best path to move forward have been key in my professional journey and in my overall personal growth. I highly recommend businesses partner with him to support their mid-management and upper level staff. As a driven and motivated person with a strong work ethic, I can attest that the process of getting where I am today was much more pleasant by working with Shawn. He has been a catalyst in my professional growth that has directly impacted my work relationships, team skills, and success. I feel very lucky that I got connected with Shawn. His skills are unparalleled. He is a secret weapon for your business!”

“Shawn is particularly skilled at supporting individuals, cultivating trust and helping people achieve success. He has led groups of people for many years and he collaborates well within and outside of his groups to generate movement.”

“Shawn has been instrumental in my business and personal development over the last few months. He has been honest and upfront from the start and has the perfect mix of what I think most people need today - practical business help as well as the psychological background and understanding of how we operate as humans to get the most out of ourselves. Will continue working with him and would highly recommend!”

"Shawn's experience as a coach, coupled with his industry experience and a therapist and manager, offers a unique approach to coaching. His intuitive insights were right on!"

"Shawn has a good sense of when to step in to help direct clients. Not having ever been coached before, he helped steer me in the right direction on how to utilize our coaching sessions."

"Shawn made me more aware of my strengths and helped me to understand the important things that I value...the process was clear and orderly. Shawn is compassionate, understanding, and a top notch human being. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Shawn to others."

“I began working with Shawn when I was placed into a leadership role at my work.  I was seeking support and direction as I recognized I was struggling to balance the shifts in the relationship that came with a promotion: Coworkers that become supervisees and supervisors that became peers.  Shawn was able to assist me in developing my voice as an “Affective Leader” which helped smooth the transition.”

“I talked to Shawn after I lost my engineering job in 2010.  He helped me through the process of moving on, the difficult decision of where to go next.  Alternately I realize my dream of being a full-time musician. I am so much happier in my new life, thank you again friend.”

“Shawn’s experiences a coach coupled with his industry experience as a therapist offers unique approach to coaching.  His intuitive insights were right on!”

“Only four weeks into the coaching relationship I had several “A-HA” moments with Shawn.  I’m used to coaching others and considered myself to be very savvy and building relationships.  I was skeptical about how much value I would get out of coaching and whether I really needed it, but I am finding it so insightful.”

“Shawn has a really gentle way of being tough on me.  He talks about growing for conflict and that’s how I feel when I walk away from our coaching sessions!”

“Shawn is doing a great job of helping the beware of emotional landmines and doing my best to avoid them.”

“Reflecting on the coaching midway through our engagement was unexpectedly insightful.  I had big gains in some areas in mass of declines in other areas, so I went into the reflection point confused in a little defensive.  The whole experience was a great deep dive into self-discovery, they’d knowledge in my emotions, and identify and what changes I wanted to commit to.  I really appreciate how Shawn balances his nonjudgmental style with the right moment to challenge me directly.”

“It was a very comfortable getting to know Shawn in our first session.  He did a good job of building rapport and has a very calming presence and style.  I appreciate the several times he interjected insights, quotes, and concepts into our discussion.  We’re off to a great start!”